Are you tearing your hair out, arguing with your partner and becoming increasingly tired and irritable because your baby/child is having difficulty sleeping through the night?

Children need to fall asleep and stay asleep on their own. Using the latest sleep techniques and gentle persuasive methods we can show you how to establish and sustain good sleep patterns that will stay with your child for life. We are confident that we can solve the majority of childrens’ sleep problems with in 4-6 weeks.

There are a number of common sleep habits that children get into. These can be any, some, or all of the following:

  • Need the breast or bottle to get them to sleep
  • Babies over six months or young children who still wake for a feed during the night
  • Need to be rocked to sleep
  • Need a parent in the bed to fall asleep
  • Can only sleep in their parent’s bed
  • Can only fall asleep on the sofa
  • Refuse to go to bed
  • Refuse to stay in bed
  • Wake during the night
  • Wake early in the morning

Advantages of a good sleep pattern

  • Improved behaviour in the child
  • Greater harmony within the family
  • Less parental anxiety
  • Improved functioning at home and work
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves the psychological and physical development of the child
  • Improves cognitive function

Next steps

A Sleep Package consists of up to 4 face to face consultations in your home (dependent of where you live) or up to 4 telephone consultations. The package runs over a period of 6 months as we understand that you may need support further down the line.

Call or e-mail to arrange an appointment with the Childrens’ Sleep Consultancy.

Depending on how quickly we can see you, you may be asked to fill in a sleep diary before the consultation.

A first consultation usually takes up to 2 hours. After which you will be sent an individualised sleep programme to follow

A second consultation is usually arranged for 1-2 weeks later. Unlimited email contact is available for the duration of the sleep programme.

Third and fourth contacts can be arranged at anytime during the 6 month period.

The cost of the sleep package is £250.00 with additional contacts costing £60.00

Sleep Workshops
Please contact Health Visitor 4 U for more information, and bespoke packages.