Health Visitor 4 U supports the WHO recommendation (January 2011) for mothers worldwide to exclusively breastfeed infants for the child’s first 6 months to achieve optimal growth development and health and the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative.

We have extensive training in breastfeeding and can offer help support and advice on all aspects of feeding your baby including positioning and attachment, hand expressing, and increasing milk supply as well as any other issues you may have to enable you to enjoy your experience and all the benefits that successful breastfeeding can give to you and your baby.

We know from first hand experience that breastfeeding is not always easy, especially if you have had a long or difficult labour. With our caring attitude we hope to be able to support you with your wishes to breastfeed.

Please contact us for more information on breastfeeding support contacts.

Individual Contact £75.00 (up to 2 hours duration)